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How to write a Groom Wedding speech.

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Meet My Bride and Me

My name is Bill. Yes, that is a real picture of me and my wonderful bride and loving wife. This site is really created and designed by me to help you.

I am the kind of guy that feels comfortable and enjoys the microphone and can bring off a good laugh and memorable comment. It wasn't always that way.

It is true I enjoy the spotlight. I still get a small flutter in my stomach in front of crowds, but it is a good one. But if you enjoy something like golf, football and other individual activities, the chances are you will work and practice those to make them better and you will become better. That is how it worked for me.

My major in college was business administration with an emphasis in marketing and management. You can only imagine the number of classes I took that included public relations, public speaking, presentations and more. It has served me well.

I enjoy building basic web sites like this one. I designed a couple for friends who do photography, own a golf course, massage person and in a band. One friend suggested I build this site since it is where my personal talent lies. Not to mention, he had personal assistance from yours truly with his own speech.
Now you do not need to take college classes to write a good wedding groom speech. But, I can give some good pointers that can make a big difference. A shortcut to a great wedding speech is to check out all types of wedding speeches.
If you are looking to skimp by, I certainly have some valuable free advice. Check it out and see what you think. Personally, once you see how some of the basics work, I believe you are not going to settle for just a good speech for a day like this, when you can give a great wedding speech.

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