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OMG Groom Wedding Speech Do Nots

When giving a bride or wedding groom speech, there are some absolute things to avoid completely regardless of temptation

It doesn't take a lot to crash a speech or even worse turn it into a disaster.

Being vulgar and using bathroom language may get some snickers but will turn off so many people so fast, you'll be done before you started, and people will wish you were done and never started. Go back and review some of the speech basics.

Talking about past relationships is awful also. This day is about the joining of people in marriage, not about past history. Those past relationships should be buried like a dead horse, and when you dig a dead horse up it really stinks. That is one wedding speech you don't want to give.

Talking about having sex before the wedding is going to impress only a very few and disturb so many more. I personally know of a wedding speech where the groom bragged about having sex with his fiance in the living room while her parents were out in the kitchen. The families were devastated. In fact, take sex off the groom wedding speech altogether.

Ridiculing and ripping on each other is bad also. Think about it. You just committed to spend the rest of your life with this person and now you are already ripping on them. It is the opposite of everything the entire day is about. It is a great way to give everyone doubts about your relationship before it is even one day old.

Getting drunk and being stupid is no good either. I don't think you need me to explain why. There are so many ways you can really screw up a great wedding groom speech. Fortunately there are so many good ways to give a great one.

You can play it safe by checking out all types of wedding speeches.

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