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Practice your wedding day speech

Unless you are a natural speaker, rehearsing what you are going to say a couple of times is a very smart idea. If you have any doubt, try it and see and you'll see why. So, with skipping all the preaching of why to practice, let us look at how you should practice.

Start with being in front of a mirror. Check your posture and your smile. Give your speech without any notes or aids. You might want to work your way there using just an outline or short hand before going it alone. Unless you can get a teleprompter, and even then, it will hamper your bride or groom wedding speech.

Make sure to time yourself. You will be amazed how short or long your speech actually is. Remember what we talked about in speech reminders about the length of a speech. Get it down.
Practicing wedding speech
Record your speech on a player. Even better, video tape it to see how it looks and sounds. You need to get rid of distracting mannerisms from your speech. Don't be afraid to experiment to determine what comes across the best.

Distracting mannerisms could be saying the word "um" all the time, jingling change in your pocket, playing with that new ring on your finger, tucking your hair, cracking your knuckles, swaying back and forth. Your body language will be as loud as your voice.

A great bride or groom wedding speech should not be torture, but something you look forward to presenting. You have a captive audience and a joyous occasion, which may be one of the best in your life. Share it.

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