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Reception Kissing Options

This is a bonus section to writing a great wedding speech.

Along with 
the chicken dinner, comes toasts, speeches, champagne, laughs  and those tinkling glasses indicating it is time for the bride and groom to kiss.

Some people love it, some are annoyed by it. But almost everyone ends up kissing because of it.

What makes for good wedding reception kissing etiquette? You have an open array of choices from a peck on the cheek to clearing the table and tossing the bride on it for some wild making out. Of course it would be best to balance this out.

Everyone is told this day is about you. Well, that is sort of true. The day is really about your promised union and nuptials. This is often shared with family and friends. This often leads to parties, receptions and traditions, including the one we are discussing of reception kissing.

What kind of kissing should you do? You have your wedding night and honeymoon for heavy duty kissing and hopefully the rest of your life till death do you part to kiss some more. So, kiss the way you want to remember kissing years later, not just how your current wild emotions are raging at the moment.

How would you want to see your parents kissing at the table? Probably not making out, swapping spit or tongue wrestling. That very image you are currently trying to block out is exactly how you may appear on your special day to others. It is not what you want.

Although you may have the level of kissing under control, there are still those clinking glasses demanding a kiss from the bride and groom.

Here are a couple ways to temper that old tradition:
If someone wants you to kiss he or she must sing a song with the word love in it to all the guests first.
Have a fishbowl with all your guest's names in it. Draw a couple's name that has to kiss first. (Hint: you can always color code a couple to get parents, brothers, sisters or special friends to kiss first).

You get to determine how you want to remember your special day and how others will remember it also. So, have a great time kissing!

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