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Groom Wedding Speech Reminders

Speaking in public sometimes feels natural enough to just wing it. There are some important reminders you must remember. Unless you are very comfortable and have done public speaking in the past then there is a bit more to it then just doing it.

Just because you sound good to yourself or have it all in your mind there are some easy pit falls that you can fall into.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind.

When writing a great wedding speech there are a few key things to remember.

Length of speech is very important. It is a grand day an a once in a lifetime event. Don't make it feel like a lifetime long speech. Shorter is generally better and appreciated.
Use the microphone. Many people feel uncomfortable and don't like to use it. The microphone is not for you. It is for your audience. Use it. Otherwise you will come across as a mumbler. Not everyone has great hearing and there often times is background noise. If your audience cannot hear your message, it is not worth giving.
Be gracious and focus on others. Give thanks and gratitude for what you have and are celebrating. Focus on the day, the bride, family and friends. Remember what you are actually celebrating here.
Good eye contact around the whole room. Talking into your drink or at the floor is the wrong direction. Expressions and gestures give emotion to your wedding day speech.
Keep it clean, positive and upbeat. Grandma doesn't want to hear trashy comments. No one wants to hear negative.
Finally, have fun. This is a day of celebration, so celebrate. But celebrate in a way that you will look back upon and reminisce how this was one of the best days of your life.
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