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Elements of a Wedding Groom Speech

There are some primary elements you need to remember in a wedding groom speech. Some are obvious and some are hidden. Let us look at a couple of obvious ones first. Also keep in mind, this applies to all speeches.
One of the most famous speakers ever was George Burns. He was a classic. Even today you should know about this comedian. He was most famous for his stand up routines and later movies.

When asked what the most important part of a routine, AKA speech or talk also, his response was, “You need a great opening line and the only thing more important is the closing which has to be greater yet.”
An entire semester in college was broken down to the initials AIDA. They stood for attention, interest, details and action. This is exactly how your speech needs to be given even if done with hidden elements.
Like George's advice, you need to start out with an attention grabber. This can be done by asking a couple questions. The best part is that the body of your speech can be spent answering them. Your closing can be challenging the audience to answer those questions themselves.
A great opener will give you the momentum to go through all the speech steps. But, it is not enough by itself.  Remember the hidden elements of AIDA, and it will appear that it just happens to work out that way.
I was just at a wedding. The best man gave a great speech. After meeting him afterwards, I’m guessing that he had a little help or maybe a lot in putting it together. Who knows? Who cares? All anyone will remember is it was a great speech, and he gets credit for it. Isn’t that what you want, too?
I’ll share his opening and closing. The rest really is focused upon the speech elements you choose to accomplish. Who wants a canned speech anyway? Well, maybe some would, but a great speech involves you and your audience. Do your own speech, it will be worth it.
The best man stands up with a microphone in hand. The bride is beaming. The groom is proud of his choice. Bridesmaids, groomsmen, family and friends are now all watching and listening. After a couple thank yous, the best man confirms his friendship to the groom by letting everyone know that a good friend will talk you out of doing something stupid and even if you do, will bail you out of jail. But, a best friend will be sitting at your side in jail saying, “That was awesome!’
Attention is grabbed. Humor was shared and just look at how easy the possibilities are to fill in the elements of interest and detail. The closing was a simple tie-in. "So, if you ever need someone to sit in jail with you, buddy, I’m there for you."

It was a great speech. Personally, I don’t really remember a word of the groom’s speech. Maybe the best man should have let him in on the secret. Take time and check out this all types of wedding speeches. You will be glad you did.
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